Our Story


Among our daily rush, we never notice their existence. We always hear their voice when we are happy, sad, afraid, or excited. Our hearts sink to our mouths and jump out of their places, stop, break or descend into our stomach and say “knock-knock” to our lives. Shortly, we feel their movements at the top of our emotions. 

This monosyllabic word, which comes out of our mouths in a breath, has deep meanings in it. The life bird in our rib cage is the first organ of a baby in the womb. It's a place where love comes to life.

Life begins with a heartbeat. As the mother listens to the heartbeat of her baby in her belly, she witnesses the effort of life or lives trying to exist in her body to hold on to life. Babies who have just opened their eyes to the world, listen to the heartbeat of their mothers to calm down, and feeling safe. Because the only place they know until that moment is “Belly of a Mother.”

Now they need to listen to their mother's heartbeat. Of course, you can't just become a mother through physical childbirth. Motherhood means sometimes being a mother of an alone baby. Although they can't feed off her milk, they feed off her love and raise. They create it as a piece of themselves. Actually, it's a kind of birth.

We designed and symbolized our logo inspired by the heart connection between a mother and a baby. This path goes from heart to heart but is invisible. A mother who carries her baby in her belly; means has two hearts in one body.

Since 1994, as Caramell Baby, we have been with you since the first moment they were born. Although we can't wrap them in cotton, we hugged them with our cotton products. We always manufacture healthy, cheerful, colorful, and soft designs without harming your baby's sensitive skin.


Caramell Baby & Mother

We follow a very meticulous production procedure for tiny hearts.

We combine the latest technology and our love of production. When we say that everything was perfect, we present it to you through our dealers all over the world.